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Anusol Ointment



Active Ingredients

Zinc Oxide 10.75%w/w, Peru Balsam 1.88%w/w, Benzyl Benzoate 1.25%w/w

Product Description

Anusol Heamorrhoidal Ointment provides prompt relief of haemorrhoidal discomfort. Anusol provides relief of itching, burning and soreness of heamorrhoids and minor rectal inflammation and iritation. It is also useful in relief of minor skin irritation, itching and chafing.


Wash and dry affected area. Apply ointment twice daily ensuring area is completely covered. Attach the plastic applicator into the open tube. Insert tip into the rectum and gently squeeze the tube.

Warnings and Cautions

Reg T.M. Warner Lambert Company USA. Warner Lambert Consumer Group, Division of Pfizer Laboratories Limited, Auckland, New Zealand

If you are currently taking other medications, have other medical conditions, you may be pregnant, or you are breastfeeding, please contact us to talk to a pharmacist.

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Anusol Ointment - 50g tube x 1

NZD $ 15.81

Anusol Ointment - 50g tube x 3

NZD $ 47.15